About the Aikido Misawajyuku Kaidojo

Our dojo  is the aikido dojo  which we formed in April, 2010 to plan the spread of aikido and the healthy promotion of the member. We examine it based on a rule of  AIKIKAI and, about the skill qualification acquisition of the aikido, register. We plan promotion, the promotion examination three times a year. We have instruction of  aikido Mr.Hidefumi Misawa (seven grade of aikido ). The enrollment to our dojo  is possible from 4 years old. We use the public gymnasium including the Ryuo budoukan in Kai-city.Principle,we practice at noon from 9:30 a.m. of every Saturday in Ryuou budoukan.

Dojo Rule

1 The courtesy follows rules definitely, and obey the teaching of the leader faithfully.

2 Keep the lesson in mind not to make any injury and mistake obediently seriously.

3 Do not perform the dangerous acts  In the dojo.

4 We respect “the way of harmony” each other, and work hard at a lesson brightly.

5 About the injury of practice, and other injuries, it becomes individual responsibility.

About an enrollment and monthly fee

 Enrollment fee 3,000yen

  Monthly fee  4,000 yen  / ( child class 4 years old – Junior high school child) 3,000 yen.

 Other fee, admission fee 1,850 yen (800 yen lower than a junior high student) to sports insurance is necessary once a year.

About examination

 At our dojo , we go three times a year of examination committees. The examination fee, registration fee vary according to examination grade, a step, but 8,800 yen is necessary as enrollment fee to AIKIKAI only at the time of the first registration separately.

Practis place information

   Ryuoubudoukan (2845-1,Shinohara,kai-city,yamanasi prefecture,Japan)

Please look at a homepage of AIKIKAI about the AIKIDO(合気道) http://www.aikikai.or.jp/